Saturday, April 30, 2011

A look at Vibration - Cosmic Tones

** Whilst listening to some jams, Obscured by Clouds (Pink Floyd) comes on and inspires me to write this part of My Theory of Everything. Musicians pay attention **

Let us take a look at vibrations. When I hit the A string on my guitar, I know it vibrates at 440 Hz, or A-440. The act of something vibrating at 440 Hz, in this case a guitar string, produces a pitch which we recognize as the note A, the beginning of the 12 chromatic notes we all know so well.

What if everything around us had a vibration? The bus to work, the fruit blender, one's computer screen, the fountain in the middle of the park. Well, needless to say that would indeed be the equivalent to musical horror :)

What if people had vibration? I think that would either sound like white noise, or something so loud it would be unbearable.

It has been scientifically proven that everything, and everybody does in fact have a particular vibration. We don't perceive the every day world this way because these vibrations are very slow. It's what gives us our 'physical-ness', and thus the illusion of solid objects. Vibrations and molecules slowed down so much that the materials they are comprised of appear to us as solid, fluid, gaseous, etc...

If one has ever seen a guitar string vibrating, imagine oneself vibrating that fast. Yeah, that wouldn't happen man...there would be nothing but paste.

So is it safe to say everything is music? Everything is a particular tone? What pitch am I? What pitch is my Mother? What pitch is the President? I wonder what kind of song we are playing out right now. I hope I'm in lead guitar :D

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