Saturday, April 30, 2011

A look at priorities - It's all backwards

What, as a collective, social species, is our main priority here on Earth?

Making renewable energy the norm?

Finding the cure for cancer?

Finding the cure for AIDS?

Dedicating all resources towards space exploration and interstellar travel?

Feeding the hungry?

Sheltering the homeless?

Stressing the cultivation of artistic ability & creation in children & adults alike?


One who is even remotely cognizant of the world around us will agree we have our priorities backwards. This part of the theory explains where our priorities actually lie:


Covering our own asses for our own stupid shit

Very confusing politics

Paying off our debts

The "War on Terrorism"


I am sure there are more things I can add, but at the time of this writing, these are our main priorities in this world right now.

OIL - We LOVE oil!!! We will do anything to get our hands on this stuff. ANYTHING. Could it be that most wars and conflicts are over natural resources? One should picture themselves as one of the elite, Big Oil Company CEO's. Would they want to bring in renewable energy? Probably not. First rule of business: Protect your investment. Renewable\Sustainable energy directly undermines the whole organization. So what does one do?

Buy the patents for electric cars and other inventions consisting of renewable energy, then get rid of them or incorporate it in such a way where people would still have to buy oil, yet they are led to think they are not directly supporting the oil companies. And if they refuse to sell their patents, have them assassinated. Simple. Corrupt.

Covering our own asses for our own stupid shit - This ties directly in to the oil dilemma. Suppose America runs out of oil first? The way this world is run, we would indeed be completely fucked if that happened. So let us again take a step in the elites shoes...

We will eventually run out of oil. Fortunately, the stuff can be found all over the world. Unfortunately, we can not just go to other countries and decide "Oh, we're drilling here now, nothing you can do about it". So just how exactly do we get it? START SOME SHIT!! But in such a way that it can not be traced back to us. Let's create some incident on American soil that will outrage the population because we say it should outrage them. We then apply a face to the 'cause' of said incident, and occupy related country. Since these countries are generally 3rd world, it will be easy to exploit them. Everybody gets mad at each other, and we just slink back in to the shadows. We just keep this up for a hundred years, all the Earth's resources will be gone, and we will be the only country with oil. We will rule the world.

Very confusing politics - Politics are a headache. Period. It can be fixed by decreasing how complicated the shit gets. All this right wing, left wing crap. What the hell is that shit anyway? I could look it up and research, but I just don't care to. It's all stupid, nobody seems to care how complicated and utterly confusing we make the world. Nobody fixes it because they have higher-ups they can't question, or people beneath them that they  in turn will not be questioned by. It's like we know shit's messed up, but we just keep going along for the ride. It's just like the kid who keeps touching the electric cattle fence because it shocked him, just to see if it will keep doing it. /facepalm

Paying off our debts - What a joke. We are born in to a world in to which we immediately owe our entire lives to someone else. I'm sorry, but I was not born for anyone else, I was manifested on this Earth for ME. And don't give me that divine shit about how I came here to do just this. Seriously? We buy in to the game because we don't have a choice. One must PAY to LIVE in this world, and in order to live comfortably, one must be a slave. But the way of the universe is that everything must pass. Revolution has been a large motivating factor of paradigm shifts in humanity.

One of the biggest cons of the world, slavery without the slaves knowing they are slaves in the first place.

The War on Terrorism - Again, it's just a face. The actual causes are pointing their fingers in the other direction and we go to war with this face. The War on Terrorism was fabricated to allow Americans a chance to join in the finger pointing and rally, while not ever questioning WHY we are doing this.

** EDIT - Some time last week or so, America supposedly finally got Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the "Terrorist" factions in Iraq. It could have happened, it could have not. Then again, Osama is the 'face' of terror, so maybe it's finally time for the story to end? **


What our priorities SHOULD be, will never come to fruition. I'll explain:

Making renewable energy the norm - This directly undermines our love of profit from fossil fuels. Never going to happen

Finding the cure for AIDS & cancer - There's no money to be made if people are not sick. Why would one release a cure? The profits off of medical visits and medication are STAGGERING.

Dedicating all resources towards space exploration and interstellar travel - This is the only one that IS kind of already underway. The problem is funding. We can not afford to dramatically improve our space exploration because money is a problem...does anyone else think this is a fucking joke?

Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless - Hah, like people care. As long as one is comfortable, who gives a shit about anyone else? Right? Plus, our funding is tied up in blowing up other people, not helping. Sorry.

Stressing the cultivation of artistic ability & creation in children & adults alike - If people are not artistic, they may as well be robots on a damned conveyor line. As technology increases, our children increasingly spend more time in doors, in front of their computers & games. I remember growing up during the 90's, and I was ALWAYS outside. I hated being inside. Sure I had video games, but I rarely played them. I actually interacted with other people.

I think the simple act of being outside does affect one's creative ability. It's easier to get people to pay their lives to a slave-wage-state by taking away their capacity for creative ability. Creative ability stems from critical thought, and that is NOT what the elites of the world want. They want a soft, malleable population to which they can mold to fit any purpose they see fit.

In review: Our priorities are backwards because of greed. As long as people accept the world that they are thrown in to, this will continue. When will the time come when people have finally had it with being treated like a unit within a system?

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