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A look at Vibration - Cosmic Tones

** Whilst listening to some jams, Obscured by Clouds (Pink Floyd) comes on and inspires me to write this part of My Theory of Everything. Musicians pay attention **

Let us take a look at vibrations. When I hit the A string on my guitar, I know it vibrates at 440 Hz, or A-440. The act of something vibrating at 440 Hz, in this case a guitar string, produces a pitch which we recognize as the note A, the beginning of the 12 chromatic notes we all know so well.

What if everything around us had a vibration? The bus to work, the fruit blender, one's computer screen, the fountain in the middle of the park. Well, needless to say that would indeed be the equivalent to musical horror :)

What if people had vibration? I think that would either sound like white noise, or something so loud it would be unbearable.

It has been scientifically proven that everything, and everybody does in fact have a particular vibration. We don't perceive the every day world this way because these vibrations are very slow. It's what gives us our 'physical-ness', and thus the illusion of solid objects. Vibrations and molecules slowed down so much that the materials they are comprised of appear to us as solid, fluid, gaseous, etc...

If one has ever seen a guitar string vibrating, imagine oneself vibrating that fast. Yeah, that wouldn't happen man...there would be nothing but paste.

So is it safe to say everything is music? Everything is a particular tone? What pitch am I? What pitch is my Mother? What pitch is the President? I wonder what kind of song we are playing out right now. I hope I'm in lead guitar :D

A look at Psychedelics - Gateways to higher consciousness

There are many theories of the origins of psychoactive drugs & plants, their uses, and what happens. I particularly like two of them.

1. The theory that Man evolved from apes who, either through starvation, curiosity, or just plain hunger began eating the almighty "Magic Mushrooms" which could be found readily on the jungle floor. These apes began expanding their minds, and in turn became very intelligent. They began crafting crude tools. Something as primitive as the sharp edge of a split rock still serves its purpose. Then over time they began walking upright, started losing hair, and the brain continued to grow. And here we are today.

2. The theory that magic mushrooms & other psychoactive plants are actually aliens, or spirits, and the way to commune with them and learn about the universe is to ingest them with an open mind. If one is ready to be shown the universe, they will be shown. If they are not, then they will just have some fun, but not gain any spiritual insight, or they may have a bad trip (according to this theory, this would be the spirit rejecting the host).


And now my theory:

Psychedelics could save the world. I say that while grinning, yes, but I mean it in the utmost seriousness. Anyone who has ever taken a psychoactive drug has looked at themselves. One don't have a choice in the matter. They bring out the best & worst in people.

Bringing out the best in this context means coming to light. A temporary enlightenment, the veil has been lifted and you can perceive things for how they really are. These experiences are the ones everyone should have at least once in their lives. It only needs to happen once because of the profound impact it leaves on its host. NOBODY forgets these trips. Note that these experiences generally do not happen for dark, negative souls. Well, they do eventually, but only after repeated experiences, and the dark negativity is washed away.

Bringing out the worst is not fun, but it forces one to confront your demons. And those demons do in fact come out (one may even see them, I never have lol). Nobody likes a bad trip man, but in this theory, bad trips are necessary. A learning process, a purification process (especially for the dark negative souls). I went through it too, the most hellish trip I ever had was some time in 2007. It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, but ended up being one of the most enlightening as well.

** A review of said event is in progress, check here at a later time**

When one is forced to look inward, many things about the self are brought to light. It is advisable to not get completely wrapped up in the fun visuals and body high (and it is indeed a lot of fun! lol). What follows is a list of well known psychedelics, their effects, and then a prescribed mushroom experience for the uninitiated.


Marijuana - Yes, weed is a psychedelic. Many old potheads will recall when they FIRST started smoking that it was more of a "trip" than it is for them now.
The many benefits of this sacred plant

Effects - The effects of marijuana are dependent on the quality, quantity, method of ingestion, and the person using it. Smoking\vaporizing hits the bloodstream, effects are felt within several minutes. Actual ingestion through baked goods takes longer to set in, but the effects last considerably longer, and is more of a mind high. If one is smoking shit ass dirt stress weed, it will most likely take more to get one stoned (unless they are a beginner). Don't get any seeds in there, the headaches those produce are killer. If one is smoking super bomb stanky skunky weed, not only does it look better, it tastes better than shwag (dirt stress weed). It's not likely to have any seeds at all, and it takes considerably less to get super ripped (for us veterans).

The effects include an over-all enhancement to everything. Increased appetite (the munchies), enhanced creativity & thinking, very mild drowsiness, the desire to just chill. 

Those are the most common effects, which I think apply to everyone. There are a myriad other effects that depend entirely on the person.


Mushrooms - The fabled Magic Mushrooms. Hard to believe that a fungus can change ones life. Everybody needs to experience this at least once.

Reality melts away...
Effects - Like weed, there are a lot of effects that depend on the person taking them, how much is eaten, and the quality. It is vital that one trusts their source, no matter how one comes across obtaining them. Mushrooms are in fact poisonous, as many may well know. Good mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some will have thick stalks & thin caps, some will have blue splotches (bruising from handling) & gold flakes (the ones with gold flakes are really really good). Really, there is no sure way to tell how good they are just by looking at them. It's not like weed where one can discern shit weed from good weed. But the ones I just described, will get the job done.

The effects include pupil dilation, many visuals: tracers, patterns, flashing colors, melting\breathing walls etc..., intense internal dialog, euphoria, audible hallucinations, time-dilation, perma-grin (lol one's face will hurt after from smiling so much), itchy nose, no appetite, very short attention span (going in circles), complete utter mind fuck. These are the most common effects. Some people get sick after eating them, that's okay, it happens, no need to freak out.


Albert Hoffman
LSD - Acid. This stuff is fun, though I don't think REAL LSD-25 exists anymore, and if it does, it is damned hard to find. I am not sure exactly what today's acid is, but we're still doing something must be right.

Effects - Like weed and mushrooms, the effects depend on how much is taken. The onset of acid feels like a mushroom trip. This one can be a real mind fuck too. It can be really intense, where the entire trip takes place in the head, and nowhere else (head trip). It usually comes on paper tabs (blotter), or in liquid form. Effects are similar to mushrooms, only acid is more 'heady'. My personal preference are mushrooms, because they are natural and i get much spiritual insight from its experience. Acid is more of a party thing.


Peyote - I've never done this stuff, all I know is that peyote is a cactus. The cactus is harvested for its little pinkish flowering buttons, which are then usually chewed or made in to a psychoactive tea. Peyote is extremely bitter and most people get sick before the effects kick in.


Effects: From what I hear, it's like being on an entirely different dimension. Needless to say, I would very much like to meet Mescalito (the spirit in peyote).
FOR LAB USE ONLY: Subjects of the Psychedelia Suburbia Project are requested to review - A Psychedelic Guide - Mushroom Trip - This course is mandatory.

A look at priorities - It's all backwards

What, as a collective, social species, is our main priority here on Earth?

Making renewable energy the norm?

Finding the cure for cancer?

Finding the cure for AIDS?

Dedicating all resources towards space exploration and interstellar travel?

Feeding the hungry?

Sheltering the homeless?

Stressing the cultivation of artistic ability & creation in children & adults alike?


One who is even remotely cognizant of the world around us will agree we have our priorities backwards. This part of the theory explains where our priorities actually lie:


Covering our own asses for our own stupid shit

Very confusing politics

Paying off our debts

The "War on Terrorism"


I am sure there are more things I can add, but at the time of this writing, these are our main priorities in this world right now.

OIL - We LOVE oil!!! We will do anything to get our hands on this stuff. ANYTHING. Could it be that most wars and conflicts are over natural resources? One should picture themselves as one of the elite, Big Oil Company CEO's. Would they want to bring in renewable energy? Probably not. First rule of business: Protect your investment. Renewable\Sustainable energy directly undermines the whole organization. So what does one do?

Buy the patents for electric cars and other inventions consisting of renewable energy, then get rid of them or incorporate it in such a way where people would still have to buy oil, yet they are led to think they are not directly supporting the oil companies. And if they refuse to sell their patents, have them assassinated. Simple. Corrupt.

Covering our own asses for our own stupid shit - This ties directly in to the oil dilemma. Suppose America runs out of oil first? The way this world is run, we would indeed be completely fucked if that happened. So let us again take a step in the elites shoes...

We will eventually run out of oil. Fortunately, the stuff can be found all over the world. Unfortunately, we can not just go to other countries and decide "Oh, we're drilling here now, nothing you can do about it". So just how exactly do we get it? START SOME SHIT!! But in such a way that it can not be traced back to us. Let's create some incident on American soil that will outrage the population because we say it should outrage them. We then apply a face to the 'cause' of said incident, and occupy related country. Since these countries are generally 3rd world, it will be easy to exploit them. Everybody gets mad at each other, and we just slink back in to the shadows. We just keep this up for a hundred years, all the Earth's resources will be gone, and we will be the only country with oil. We will rule the world.

Very confusing politics - Politics are a headache. Period. It can be fixed by decreasing how complicated the shit gets. All this right wing, left wing crap. What the hell is that shit anyway? I could look it up and research, but I just don't care to. It's all stupid, nobody seems to care how complicated and utterly confusing we make the world. Nobody fixes it because they have higher-ups they can't question, or people beneath them that they  in turn will not be questioned by. It's like we know shit's messed up, but we just keep going along for the ride. It's just like the kid who keeps touching the electric cattle fence because it shocked him, just to see if it will keep doing it. /facepalm

Paying off our debts - What a joke. We are born in to a world in to which we immediately owe our entire lives to someone else. I'm sorry, but I was not born for anyone else, I was manifested on this Earth for ME. And don't give me that divine shit about how I came here to do just this. Seriously? We buy in to the game because we don't have a choice. One must PAY to LIVE in this world, and in order to live comfortably, one must be a slave. But the way of the universe is that everything must pass. Revolution has been a large motivating factor of paradigm shifts in humanity.

One of the biggest cons of the world, slavery without the slaves knowing they are slaves in the first place.

The War on Terrorism - Again, it's just a face. The actual causes are pointing their fingers in the other direction and we go to war with this face. The War on Terrorism was fabricated to allow Americans a chance to join in the finger pointing and rally, while not ever questioning WHY we are doing this.

** EDIT - Some time last week or so, America supposedly finally got Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the "Terrorist" factions in Iraq. It could have happened, it could have not. Then again, Osama is the 'face' of terror, so maybe it's finally time for the story to end? **


What our priorities SHOULD be, will never come to fruition. I'll explain:

Making renewable energy the norm - This directly undermines our love of profit from fossil fuels. Never going to happen

Finding the cure for AIDS & cancer - There's no money to be made if people are not sick. Why would one release a cure? The profits off of medical visits and medication are STAGGERING.

Dedicating all resources towards space exploration and interstellar travel - This is the only one that IS kind of already underway. The problem is funding. We can not afford to dramatically improve our space exploration because money is a problem...does anyone else think this is a fucking joke?

Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless - Hah, like people care. As long as one is comfortable, who gives a shit about anyone else? Right? Plus, our funding is tied up in blowing up other people, not helping. Sorry.

Stressing the cultivation of artistic ability & creation in children & adults alike - If people are not artistic, they may as well be robots on a damned conveyor line. As technology increases, our children increasingly spend more time in doors, in front of their computers & games. I remember growing up during the 90's, and I was ALWAYS outside. I hated being inside. Sure I had video games, but I rarely played them. I actually interacted with other people.

I think the simple act of being outside does affect one's creative ability. It's easier to get people to pay their lives to a slave-wage-state by taking away their capacity for creative ability. Creative ability stems from critical thought, and that is NOT what the elites of the world want. They want a soft, malleable population to which they can mold to fit any purpose they see fit.

In review: Our priorities are backwards because of greed. As long as people accept the world that they are thrown in to, this will continue. When will the time come when people have finally had it with being treated like a unit within a system?

A look at Religion - The Olde World Science

** "The ocean refuses no river" **

I shall now elaborate on why religion is a such a major problem with us humans today.

First, despite my rants and opinions, let it be known that I don't think ALL religions are bad. One does indeed need an anchor in this insane place we live in (which in turn is insane BECAUSE of religion, and other things...just one of those good old paradoxes of life). I believe its the power religion holds. Power breeds corruption.

** As of 4\20\2011, subjects of the Psychedelia Suburbia project are cleared for time travel to Salem Mass. 1692. TRAVEL ADVISORY - These people are insane. Do NOT mention anything about the world today, as it will conflict with their beliefs, and you will most likely be hanged, crushed, tortured, or burned at the stake. **

Religion breeds insanity as well. If not corruption, then insanity. Accepted insanity because it's never questioned. WHY is it never questioned? I think it's very convenient when in said religion there are rules one must obey, and among these rules one can not question the source or where the "higher power" in this religion came from. Fuck me, that is VERY convenient.

Oh, and the response one must give to anyone outside their belief system that questions their faith, is some long convoluted explanation which is more along the lines of the childish response "because!". Just more proof people are stupid. Religion is indeed a weapon. The biggest, yet most subtle weapon because it's right in front of us every moment of every day yet we do nothing about it. I already explained the pitfall of blind faith in a previous report. Now allow me to elaborate the GOOD things about religion.

We, as spiritual beings having a human experience naturally have a longing to go home. A kind of spiritual homesickness, which can be slightly satisfied with religion. The IDEA of religion was good to start. It was an early attempt to explain the world around us. Old world science. We used to think the world was flat, that it rested upon a giant tortoise, and that the God Rah took the sun across the sky and then returned at night with the moon. All religions pretty much for the most part point towards the same thing. We all just want to be happy and live. I don't claim to be religious, but I am indeed spiritual.

Here's my formula for appeasing the spiritual homesickness while NOT getting wrapped up in the worship and the fanatic praying and chanting and all that. This formula only has 2 steps.

1. Pick & chose what ideas and philosophies from said religion(s) that one agrees with.

2. Apply them to one's life.

Simple as that. One can see that following this formula, they can easily create their own religion, which is how it all started anyway. However I prefer to call it spirituality, not religion.

I personally like a lot of Buddhist, Taoist, Zen and Toltec teachings. Hell, even some Christian principles. Thou shall not kill? I think that's reasonable. But I do not claim to be Buddhist, Taoist or any of these. I just pick & choose what makes sense to me and go about my life.

It does not matter the path one takes, what matters is that they get to where they are trying to go.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A look at the Universe - We are star stuff

**This report assumes the Big Bang theory is correct and unbreakable...please refer to section C223 for more on this subject. **

Universe: The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm.

A few laws of the universe:

-Every force & action has its equal reaction
-Any exchange of energy is always equal
-Energy can never be created or destroyed
-Nothing is ever wasted
-Everything must pass

It doesn't take a genius to realize we're all a part of the universe. It DOES however, take some introspective ability to realize HOW we are all a part of this universe. I'll explain it to the reader, right here: Everything is one, simple as that. You can look at it as why it's called UNIverse in the first place. We are all connected, whether one likes it or not (I've had trouble accepting that fact as well).

"We are star stuff harvesting star light" - Carl Sagan
Assuming the Big Bang theory IS correct, the hydrogen in our bodies was made shortly after the Big Bang, the other elements above helium were made (synthesized) within the core of stars that went supernova and scattered their remnants throughout space. Over VAST amounts of time and space, These remnants collect within clouds of other materials and form galaxies & nebulae. Some of these nebulae have the capability to produce stars of their own, some of these stars end up with orbiting bodies (planets) which also formed out of these materials and nebulae. Some of these orbiting bodies have a chance to become life-sustaining and inhabitable depending on circumstances, distance from said star, and the type of life that may be suitable to said conditions on said orbiting body around said star. This new life springs up on the planet, and if circumstances allow, just like us humans, intelligent life evolves from creatures that in turn evolved from other creatures, that somehow made the big jump from unicellular life.

So how is anyone any better than anyone else? Social status? Popularity? Wealth? Give me a break people, you're not fooling me. You have succeeded in fooling the rest of the world, but there are those of us who can still think for themselves, and thus are harder to control. Separatism is an illusion. It is in my opinion our biggest folly as a species. If we are all the same species, made up of the same materials, and came from the same source (this includes all sentient & non-sentient life), what, suddenly you're better than me? Better than me in what? Wait, I're a fucking RETARD!!!! God DAMMIT are we stupid!!

I've almost given up on humanity, but it's the potential in all people to be peaceful and just chill out that keeps it going. I believe we are far beyond repair. Now we're all in such a big cycle of eating each others shit we don't know where the pile of shit begins and where it ends. Almost nobody looks at the universe, and thus themselves for what it really is. We're all one life force. Humans and ants are the only organisms I am aware of that actually declare war on its own species. All that wasted effort which accomplished nothing, except for decreasing the quality of life for everyone involved. Stop fighting yourselves as you're only hurting yourselves.

FOR LAB USE ONLY: The author really is not as vulgar as he comes across.

A look at Life - What humans think they own

** "Left to its own devices, nature overcomes all" **

A majestic Sumatran Tiger
Life is all we have. And we don't own life. Yet people like to think they do. When was the last time one was at the zoo? Did one by any chance happen to detect the heavy negativity that permeates those forsaken places? If not, I suggest the for reader to go to the zoo and try to feel it. It will not be fun. I remember walking around a zoo one time, and just feeling completely saturated with dark, stagnant energy. The looks on these animals faces only spell defeat and submission. And believe it or not, they can detect when people feel what they are feeling. I remember looking in to the eyes of one of the captive wolves there. And it just stared back at me for about a minute. It was as if to say "I know you know what is going on here, please help us". All the while some stupid fat mexican woman is parading her 9 kids around, the oldest ones yelling at the wolves "Ohh look at da wooves! ohh da wooves!!" Such majestic, spiritual animals, being degraded by such ignorant talk and demeanor. No respect whatsoever.

I have an idea, cage EVERYONE alive today who has EVER worked in a zoo at any point in their lives, for the sole purpose of others to walk by and gawk at them. That sounds like a better idea because humans can actually think of WHY they are being caged, as animals are just caged. We think we own life, and that we can overcome nature. Once again, people are full of shit. Nobody will EVER overcome life and nature, because it keeps going on forever. We can live in HARMONY with life and nature, but we will never overcome it. I have a proposition, burn down all the zoos (remove the animals obviously, feel free to keep the idiots there), and go see animals in their natural environment. I ASSURE the reader, there won't be some ignorant fat fucking mexican woman with 9 kids parading around going "ohh look at da wooves!!". The experience will be as it should be. A humbling experience which teaches one respect and awareness for the life that permeates our beautiful home, Mother Gaia.

Notes: The author is NOT racist. The details of said events happened to encompass a racial stereotype. This topic, as well as racism to be reviewed in further detail at a later time

A human design - (FOSS - Full of Shit Syndrome)

*Credit to Joe Rogan for bringing this up*

People are full of shit. We're ALL full of shit. Anyone that says they know better than another should be punched in the fucking face for such blatant ignorance. All of these over-zealous religious fanatics should be punched in the face as well.

The next time one is woken up at like 6am on the weekend by their doorbell, and met at the door with:

"Join our cult?"
"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & savior?"

Punch them in the fucking face and slam the door. The nerve these people have to impose their stupid cults on everyone makes me sick. What if I somehow gathered up the nerve to go to YOUR door and wake YOUR ASS up at 6am and go:

"Have you accepted the fact that people are full of shit, and religion is just accepted insanity?"

I'd probably be punched in the face and the door slammed on. Point here is NOBODY knows what is going on. PLEASE stop imposing on us remaining sane people! There's a REASON your beliefs haven't convinced us!

Ohhh sure, this book was written some 2000 years ago, and it contains the holy word and blah blah blah. Dude, that thing is about as valid as the fucking tabloids and magazines one sees in the grocery store while waiting in line. How does one know it's true? Faith? Yeah, that's a rather convenient excuse. Faith: the perfect excuse to take shit at face value without ever questioning its origins, or even asking why in the first place.

People do it all the time. When one takes the elevator up & down their office building, they have FAITH that the elevator is not going to plummet them, and anyone else on board to their deaths. One sees the news, and believes what they are told because there is FAITH that the news never lies. One reads the paper, and again, FAITH...take everything at face value. For the most part, one is taking in information which has been gathered by somebody else, which in turn was probably gathered by other people, and so on. So who's to tell how muddy and polluted that information has become by the time you drink it in (not to mention the possibility that it was toxic to begin with)? I'll tell the reader this: I sure as hell am not drinking any stagnant, contained, 2000 year old water

People are full of shit, and nobody sees it! Why? In my opinion it's because there are different levels of psyche. There are those who are easily swayed, and there are those who question everything. Sadly, it seems us who question everything are indeed the minority. The dumbing down of the general population has taken its toll, and now we are no better than slightly advanced cattle. As soon as that proverbial cowbell rings (i gotta fever!), we mooooooo our way to whatever is beckoning us. Oh my god are we fucked.

** Author's Edit - This is NOT an attack on religion, please refer to - A look at Religion - The Olde World Science - for the full dirt. The scope of this is just to prove how religion is one of the byproducts of FOSS, and how serious this condition is. **

America's Next Top Model...WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!!!! Hey, I got a good show idea, how about: America's Next Hungry Child. Let us take a look at this show in the eyes of a producer: "What do you think the ratings will be for that show? How much money could I make off of it? How popular will the show become?" I can almost GUARANTEE one will never see that happen...EVER. Because people don't give a flying fuck about anyone else. It's all about ME ME ME. That's not to say one shouldn't take care and look out for themselves, but it's like I always say: Drama Sells...

Who the fuck wants to watch a show about hungry children? NOBODY!! Because there is no money to be made, no ratings, no popularity. As long as one lives comfortably and without care of anyone else, indeed...who cares? So they get to starve, while us Americans stuff our stupid fat fucking faces with Starbucks and McDonalds, and pay our lives in to a slave-wage-state which in turn, does not give a shit about them. It's like one big hierarchy of not giving a flying shit about the next guy.

Picture a world where people actually DID give a shit. I guarantee that show would be REALLY popular man. In fact, that show would not even exist because *gasp* PEOPLE GAVE A SHIT!! There would be NO hungry children!! Not even children, NOBODY would be hungry!! People wouldn't be concerned with the "next top model", they wouldn't give a shit. This world would also be a big place of not giving a shit, only we wouldn't give a shit about STUPID SHIT!!

We're all full of shit.

FOR LAB USE ONLY - The author of this document said the word 'shit' 14 times.

A first entry - New Arrivals start here

** New Arrivals must report to Mind Expansion Laboratories for evaluation before reviewing **

Welcome to my blog dedicated to my ever growing Theory of Everything! Join me on the many nonsensical mind trips and revealing journeys I take.

This is a theory that will never be completed. Largely due to the fact that everything is ever-changing, and thus theories change (not to mention EVERYONE has their OWN theories of everything). So this can be described more accurately as a thesis. An experiment, within one perspective, that never ends. Ever.

I feel it is vital to point out that I don't claim, nor ever WILL claim to know better than anyone else. Sure, my opinions may sound better to me and to like-minded people than it does to others, but I don't know what the hell is going on either. I am just trying to make sense of the world's insanity.

This theory requires an open mind to review.

My ultimate goal in this project is to create a handbook, or series of handbooks which contains everything WORTH knowing. A survival guide for the citizens of Earth, both native & visiting.

The best intentions go in to my writings, & I can be quite vulgar at times. Reader Discretion is NOT advised.
** This theory is presented in a non-linear way, as most of my writing is spontaneously inspired. Links to relevant subjects will be provided on said entries. This is also presented in a non direct way, I am not telling, or trying to convince anyone to do\follow anything this theory covers. Whatever one does with this information is their business.**

** Many topics cover theories and information already known, I obviously did not create these theories. My theory covers whatever I feel is relevant to know in today's world. **

**Any part of this theory may be replicated and used in an intelligent manner, as long as the content is not altered, and credit is given where it is due.**

Author of enclosed Theory & Documents: Trippydaze

This particular Theory of Everything is © Trippydaze 2011-