Saturday, April 30, 2011

A look at Psychedelics - Gateways to higher consciousness

There are many theories of the origins of psychoactive drugs & plants, their uses, and what happens. I particularly like two of them.

1. The theory that Man evolved from apes who, either through starvation, curiosity, or just plain hunger began eating the almighty "Magic Mushrooms" which could be found readily on the jungle floor. These apes began expanding their minds, and in turn became very intelligent. They began crafting crude tools. Something as primitive as the sharp edge of a split rock still serves its purpose. Then over time they began walking upright, started losing hair, and the brain continued to grow. And here we are today.

2. The theory that magic mushrooms & other psychoactive plants are actually aliens, or spirits, and the way to commune with them and learn about the universe is to ingest them with an open mind. If one is ready to be shown the universe, they will be shown. If they are not, then they will just have some fun, but not gain any spiritual insight, or they may have a bad trip (according to this theory, this would be the spirit rejecting the host).


And now my theory:

Psychedelics could save the world. I say that while grinning, yes, but I mean it in the utmost seriousness. Anyone who has ever taken a psychoactive drug has looked at themselves. One don't have a choice in the matter. They bring out the best & worst in people.

Bringing out the best in this context means coming to light. A temporary enlightenment, the veil has been lifted and you can perceive things for how they really are. These experiences are the ones everyone should have at least once in their lives. It only needs to happen once because of the profound impact it leaves on its host. NOBODY forgets these trips. Note that these experiences generally do not happen for dark, negative souls. Well, they do eventually, but only after repeated experiences, and the dark negativity is washed away.

Bringing out the worst is not fun, but it forces one to confront your demons. And those demons do in fact come out (one may even see them, I never have lol). Nobody likes a bad trip man, but in this theory, bad trips are necessary. A learning process, a purification process (especially for the dark negative souls). I went through it too, the most hellish trip I ever had was some time in 2007. It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, but ended up being one of the most enlightening as well.

** A review of said event is in progress, check here at a later time**

When one is forced to look inward, many things about the self are brought to light. It is advisable to not get completely wrapped up in the fun visuals and body high (and it is indeed a lot of fun! lol). What follows is a list of well known psychedelics, their effects, and then a prescribed mushroom experience for the uninitiated.


Marijuana - Yes, weed is a psychedelic. Many old potheads will recall when they FIRST started smoking that it was more of a "trip" than it is for them now.
The many benefits of this sacred plant

Effects - The effects of marijuana are dependent on the quality, quantity, method of ingestion, and the person using it. Smoking\vaporizing hits the bloodstream, effects are felt within several minutes. Actual ingestion through baked goods takes longer to set in, but the effects last considerably longer, and is more of a mind high. If one is smoking shit ass dirt stress weed, it will most likely take more to get one stoned (unless they are a beginner). Don't get any seeds in there, the headaches those produce are killer. If one is smoking super bomb stanky skunky weed, not only does it look better, it tastes better than shwag (dirt stress weed). It's not likely to have any seeds at all, and it takes considerably less to get super ripped (for us veterans).

The effects include an over-all enhancement to everything. Increased appetite (the munchies), enhanced creativity & thinking, very mild drowsiness, the desire to just chill. 

Those are the most common effects, which I think apply to everyone. There are a myriad other effects that depend entirely on the person.


Mushrooms - The fabled Magic Mushrooms. Hard to believe that a fungus can change ones life. Everybody needs to experience this at least once.

Reality melts away...
Effects - Like weed, there are a lot of effects that depend on the person taking them, how much is eaten, and the quality. It is vital that one trusts their source, no matter how one comes across obtaining them. Mushrooms are in fact poisonous, as many may well know. Good mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some will have thick stalks & thin caps, some will have blue splotches (bruising from handling) & gold flakes (the ones with gold flakes are really really good). Really, there is no sure way to tell how good they are just by looking at them. It's not like weed where one can discern shit weed from good weed. But the ones I just described, will get the job done.

The effects include pupil dilation, many visuals: tracers, patterns, flashing colors, melting\breathing walls etc..., intense internal dialog, euphoria, audible hallucinations, time-dilation, perma-grin (lol one's face will hurt after from smiling so much), itchy nose, no appetite, very short attention span (going in circles), complete utter mind fuck. These are the most common effects. Some people get sick after eating them, that's okay, it happens, no need to freak out.


Albert Hoffman
LSD - Acid. This stuff is fun, though I don't think REAL LSD-25 exists anymore, and if it does, it is damned hard to find. I am not sure exactly what today's acid is, but we're still doing something must be right.

Effects - Like weed and mushrooms, the effects depend on how much is taken. The onset of acid feels like a mushroom trip. This one can be a real mind fuck too. It can be really intense, where the entire trip takes place in the head, and nowhere else (head trip). It usually comes on paper tabs (blotter), or in liquid form. Effects are similar to mushrooms, only acid is more 'heady'. My personal preference are mushrooms, because they are natural and i get much spiritual insight from its experience. Acid is more of a party thing.


Peyote - I've never done this stuff, all I know is that peyote is a cactus. The cactus is harvested for its little pinkish flowering buttons, which are then usually chewed or made in to a psychoactive tea. Peyote is extremely bitter and most people get sick before the effects kick in.


Effects: From what I hear, it's like being on an entirely different dimension. Needless to say, I would very much like to meet Mescalito (the spirit in peyote).
FOR LAB USE ONLY: Subjects of the Psychedelia Suburbia Project are requested to review - A Psychedelic Guide - Mushroom Trip - This course is mandatory.


  1. I saw a History Channel show on psychedelics once.
    In the show they said something very profound which I think is correct. They said that the ancients used psychedelics in a ritual manner during ceremonies and rituals. In other words, they used these substances not as party drugs, but they saw them as sacred plants for sacred purposes. They also said that we have lost that
    contextual purpose in our thinking. The ancient Soma cult of the ancient Vedic tradition was ended in theory because those who saw it being used as a party drug, without any sacred context, became upset that it was being misused, and rather than allow it to be misused they decided to end the cult altogether. Some think Soma was the Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

    If we can somehow regain that lost sacredness in our thinking, we can perhaps better understand these powerful drugs and they will once again reveal to us their deeper inner meanings. This is a time in history when we desperately need visions for our future and for our world.

    1. wow i have been on a long hiatus from this and am now returning. You make a valid point I must admit. Yes, the ancient civilizations/tribes who revolved around their shaman(s) were a LOT more in tune to the world around them than we are now. It is refreshing to know people recognize this, even if it's just one person. Namaste.