Saturday, April 30, 2011

A look at Religion - The Olde World Science

** "The ocean refuses no river" **

I shall now elaborate on why religion is a such a major problem with us humans today.

First, despite my rants and opinions, let it be known that I don't think ALL religions are bad. One does indeed need an anchor in this insane place we live in (which in turn is insane BECAUSE of religion, and other things...just one of those good old paradoxes of life). I believe its the power religion holds. Power breeds corruption.

** As of 4\20\2011, subjects of the Psychedelia Suburbia project are cleared for time travel to Salem Mass. 1692. TRAVEL ADVISORY - These people are insane. Do NOT mention anything about the world today, as it will conflict with their beliefs, and you will most likely be hanged, crushed, tortured, or burned at the stake. **

Religion breeds insanity as well. If not corruption, then insanity. Accepted insanity because it's never questioned. WHY is it never questioned? I think it's very convenient when in said religion there are rules one must obey, and among these rules one can not question the source or where the "higher power" in this religion came from. Fuck me, that is VERY convenient.

Oh, and the response one must give to anyone outside their belief system that questions their faith, is some long convoluted explanation which is more along the lines of the childish response "because!". Just more proof people are stupid. Religion is indeed a weapon. The biggest, yet most subtle weapon because it's right in front of us every moment of every day yet we do nothing about it. I already explained the pitfall of blind faith in a previous report. Now allow me to elaborate the GOOD things about religion.

We, as spiritual beings having a human experience naturally have a longing to go home. A kind of spiritual homesickness, which can be slightly satisfied with religion. The IDEA of religion was good to start. It was an early attempt to explain the world around us. Old world science. We used to think the world was flat, that it rested upon a giant tortoise, and that the God Rah took the sun across the sky and then returned at night with the moon. All religions pretty much for the most part point towards the same thing. We all just want to be happy and live. I don't claim to be religious, but I am indeed spiritual.

Here's my formula for appeasing the spiritual homesickness while NOT getting wrapped up in the worship and the fanatic praying and chanting and all that. This formula only has 2 steps.

1. Pick & chose what ideas and philosophies from said religion(s) that one agrees with.

2. Apply them to one's life.

Simple as that. One can see that following this formula, they can easily create their own religion, which is how it all started anyway. However I prefer to call it spirituality, not religion.

I personally like a lot of Buddhist, Taoist, Zen and Toltec teachings. Hell, even some Christian principles. Thou shall not kill? I think that's reasonable. But I do not claim to be Buddhist, Taoist or any of these. I just pick & choose what makes sense to me and go about my life.

It does not matter the path one takes, what matters is that they get to where they are trying to go.

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