Friday, April 29, 2011

A look at Life - What humans think they own

** "Left to its own devices, nature overcomes all" **

A majestic Sumatran Tiger
Life is all we have. And we don't own life. Yet people like to think they do. When was the last time one was at the zoo? Did one by any chance happen to detect the heavy negativity that permeates those forsaken places? If not, I suggest the for reader to go to the zoo and try to feel it. It will not be fun. I remember walking around a zoo one time, and just feeling completely saturated with dark, stagnant energy. The looks on these animals faces only spell defeat and submission. And believe it or not, they can detect when people feel what they are feeling. I remember looking in to the eyes of one of the captive wolves there. And it just stared back at me for about a minute. It was as if to say "I know you know what is going on here, please help us". All the while some stupid fat mexican woman is parading her 9 kids around, the oldest ones yelling at the wolves "Ohh look at da wooves! ohh da wooves!!" Such majestic, spiritual animals, being degraded by such ignorant talk and demeanor. No respect whatsoever.

I have an idea, cage EVERYONE alive today who has EVER worked in a zoo at any point in their lives, for the sole purpose of others to walk by and gawk at them. That sounds like a better idea because humans can actually think of WHY they are being caged, as animals are just caged. We think we own life, and that we can overcome nature. Once again, people are full of shit. Nobody will EVER overcome life and nature, because it keeps going on forever. We can live in HARMONY with life and nature, but we will never overcome it. I have a proposition, burn down all the zoos (remove the animals obviously, feel free to keep the idiots there), and go see animals in their natural environment. I ASSURE the reader, there won't be some ignorant fat fucking mexican woman with 9 kids parading around going "ohh look at da wooves!!". The experience will be as it should be. A humbling experience which teaches one respect and awareness for the life that permeates our beautiful home, Mother Gaia.

Notes: The author is NOT racist. The details of said events happened to encompass a racial stereotype. This topic, as well as racism to be reviewed in further detail at a later time

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