Friday, April 29, 2011

A first entry - New Arrivals start here

** New Arrivals must report to Mind Expansion Laboratories for evaluation before reviewing **

Welcome to my blog dedicated to my ever growing Theory of Everything! Join me on the many nonsensical mind trips and revealing journeys I take.

This is a theory that will never be completed. Largely due to the fact that everything is ever-changing, and thus theories change (not to mention EVERYONE has their OWN theories of everything). So this can be described more accurately as a thesis. An experiment, within one perspective, that never ends. Ever.

I feel it is vital to point out that I don't claim, nor ever WILL claim to know better than anyone else. Sure, my opinions may sound better to me and to like-minded people than it does to others, but I don't know what the hell is going on either. I am just trying to make sense of the world's insanity.

This theory requires an open mind to review.

My ultimate goal in this project is to create a handbook, or series of handbooks which contains everything WORTH knowing. A survival guide for the citizens of Earth, both native & visiting.

The best intentions go in to my writings, & I can be quite vulgar at times. Reader Discretion is NOT advised.
** This theory is presented in a non-linear way, as most of my writing is spontaneously inspired. Links to relevant subjects will be provided on said entries. This is also presented in a non direct way, I am not telling, or trying to convince anyone to do\follow anything this theory covers. Whatever one does with this information is their business.**

** Many topics cover theories and information already known, I obviously did not create these theories. My theory covers whatever I feel is relevant to know in today's world. **

**Any part of this theory may be replicated and used in an intelligent manner, as long as the content is not altered, and credit is given where it is due.**

Author of enclosed Theory & Documents: Trippydaze

This particular Theory of Everything is © Trippydaze 2011-

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