Friday, April 29, 2011

A look at the Universe - We are star stuff

**This report assumes the Big Bang theory is correct and unbreakable...please refer to section C223 for more on this subject. **

Universe: The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm.

A few laws of the universe:

-Every force & action has its equal reaction
-Any exchange of energy is always equal
-Energy can never be created or destroyed
-Nothing is ever wasted
-Everything must pass

It doesn't take a genius to realize we're all a part of the universe. It DOES however, take some introspective ability to realize HOW we are all a part of this universe. I'll explain it to the reader, right here: Everything is one, simple as that. You can look at it as why it's called UNIverse in the first place. We are all connected, whether one likes it or not (I've had trouble accepting that fact as well).

"We are star stuff harvesting star light" - Carl Sagan
Assuming the Big Bang theory IS correct, the hydrogen in our bodies was made shortly after the Big Bang, the other elements above helium were made (synthesized) within the core of stars that went supernova and scattered their remnants throughout space. Over VAST amounts of time and space, These remnants collect within clouds of other materials and form galaxies & nebulae. Some of these nebulae have the capability to produce stars of their own, some of these stars end up with orbiting bodies (planets) which also formed out of these materials and nebulae. Some of these orbiting bodies have a chance to become life-sustaining and inhabitable depending on circumstances, distance from said star, and the type of life that may be suitable to said conditions on said orbiting body around said star. This new life springs up on the planet, and if circumstances allow, just like us humans, intelligent life evolves from creatures that in turn evolved from other creatures, that somehow made the big jump from unicellular life.

So how is anyone any better than anyone else? Social status? Popularity? Wealth? Give me a break people, you're not fooling me. You have succeeded in fooling the rest of the world, but there are those of us who can still think for themselves, and thus are harder to control. Separatism is an illusion. It is in my opinion our biggest folly as a species. If we are all the same species, made up of the same materials, and came from the same source (this includes all sentient & non-sentient life), what, suddenly you're better than me? Better than me in what? Wait, I're a fucking RETARD!!!! God DAMMIT are we stupid!!

I've almost given up on humanity, but it's the potential in all people to be peaceful and just chill out that keeps it going. I believe we are far beyond repair. Now we're all in such a big cycle of eating each others shit we don't know where the pile of shit begins and where it ends. Almost nobody looks at the universe, and thus themselves for what it really is. We're all one life force. Humans and ants are the only organisms I am aware of that actually declare war on its own species. All that wasted effort which accomplished nothing, except for decreasing the quality of life for everyone involved. Stop fighting yourselves as you're only hurting yourselves.

FOR LAB USE ONLY: The author really is not as vulgar as he comes across.

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