Friday, April 29, 2011

A human design - (FOSS - Full of Shit Syndrome)

*Credit to Joe Rogan for bringing this up*

People are full of shit. We're ALL full of shit. Anyone that says they know better than another should be punched in the fucking face for such blatant ignorance. All of these over-zealous religious fanatics should be punched in the face as well.

The next time one is woken up at like 6am on the weekend by their doorbell, and met at the door with:

"Join our cult?"
"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & savior?"

Punch them in the fucking face and slam the door. The nerve these people have to impose their stupid cults on everyone makes me sick. What if I somehow gathered up the nerve to go to YOUR door and wake YOUR ASS up at 6am and go:

"Have you accepted the fact that people are full of shit, and religion is just accepted insanity?"

I'd probably be punched in the face and the door slammed on. Point here is NOBODY knows what is going on. PLEASE stop imposing on us remaining sane people! There's a REASON your beliefs haven't convinced us!

Ohhh sure, this book was written some 2000 years ago, and it contains the holy word and blah blah blah. Dude, that thing is about as valid as the fucking tabloids and magazines one sees in the grocery store while waiting in line. How does one know it's true? Faith? Yeah, that's a rather convenient excuse. Faith: the perfect excuse to take shit at face value without ever questioning its origins, or even asking why in the first place.

People do it all the time. When one takes the elevator up & down their office building, they have FAITH that the elevator is not going to plummet them, and anyone else on board to their deaths. One sees the news, and believes what they are told because there is FAITH that the news never lies. One reads the paper, and again, FAITH...take everything at face value. For the most part, one is taking in information which has been gathered by somebody else, which in turn was probably gathered by other people, and so on. So who's to tell how muddy and polluted that information has become by the time you drink it in (not to mention the possibility that it was toxic to begin with)? I'll tell the reader this: I sure as hell am not drinking any stagnant, contained, 2000 year old water

People are full of shit, and nobody sees it! Why? In my opinion it's because there are different levels of psyche. There are those who are easily swayed, and there are those who question everything. Sadly, it seems us who question everything are indeed the minority. The dumbing down of the general population has taken its toll, and now we are no better than slightly advanced cattle. As soon as that proverbial cowbell rings (i gotta fever!), we mooooooo our way to whatever is beckoning us. Oh my god are we fucked.

** Author's Edit - This is NOT an attack on religion, please refer to - A look at Religion - The Olde World Science - for the full dirt. The scope of this is just to prove how religion is one of the byproducts of FOSS, and how serious this condition is. **

America's Next Top Model...WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!!!! Hey, I got a good show idea, how about: America's Next Hungry Child. Let us take a look at this show in the eyes of a producer: "What do you think the ratings will be for that show? How much money could I make off of it? How popular will the show become?" I can almost GUARANTEE one will never see that happen...EVER. Because people don't give a flying fuck about anyone else. It's all about ME ME ME. That's not to say one shouldn't take care and look out for themselves, but it's like I always say: Drama Sells...

Who the fuck wants to watch a show about hungry children? NOBODY!! Because there is no money to be made, no ratings, no popularity. As long as one lives comfortably and without care of anyone else, indeed...who cares? So they get to starve, while us Americans stuff our stupid fat fucking faces with Starbucks and McDonalds, and pay our lives in to a slave-wage-state which in turn, does not give a shit about them. It's like one big hierarchy of not giving a flying shit about the next guy.

Picture a world where people actually DID give a shit. I guarantee that show would be REALLY popular man. In fact, that show would not even exist because *gasp* PEOPLE GAVE A SHIT!! There would be NO hungry children!! Not even children, NOBODY would be hungry!! People wouldn't be concerned with the "next top model", they wouldn't give a shit. This world would also be a big place of not giving a shit, only we wouldn't give a shit about STUPID SHIT!!

We're all full of shit.

FOR LAB USE ONLY - The author of this document said the word 'shit' 14 times.

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