Sunday, May 8, 2011

A look at the Sun - Deity of the sky

The Sun
Class - Yellow Dwarf
Composition - hydrogen\helium plasma
Temp - 10,000º F on the surface
          - 27,000,000º F at the core
Distance from Earth - 150,000,000 km (1 AU)
Circumference - 4,400,000 km
Mass - 2 x 10^30

Anything & everything that has ever lived on Earth owes their existence to the sun. If the sun dies, we die (which it will, when it goes red giant in about 5 billion years). The sun provides us with warmth & energy. Its nuclear fusion is so powerful, that in one second, it produces more energy than has ever been used by us humans, since the beginning of our existence. In megawatts, the sun produces 380 billion, billion megawatts of power.

At the time of this writing (5/11), us humans are obsessed with fossil fuels, dead plants. Not all of us humans agree with our methods of energy. It is what we call the "World Leaders" (or 'elites'), that wont allow the advancement of our species. We have the technology to harvest this extreme, abundant source of energy, floating in our sky every day. Unfortunately, the majority of the human race suffer from GAS (Greedy Asshole Syndrome), and are either blind to the more efficient forms of energy we have, or are controlling this scheme directly.

FWD: The effects of GAS, and the scheme of selfishness pending further review.

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