Sunday, May 15, 2011

A look at disease - Anything to make a $

There is no money to be made if people are not sick. It's a cruel fact about the world we live in today. Who knows if we do actually have the cure for cancer, AIDS, and other terminal conditions? The healthcare companies do not care about us. The amount they make off of drugs & medical visits alone are staggering. Releasing the cures to the world directly undermines one of their biggest sources if income.

Maybe it is true we actually do not have the cures. But other ailments that can be treated with completely natural methods are instead treated with drugs that temporarily mask the problem. Healing people with natural remedies undermines yet another source. Why treat the actual source of the problem, when you can perpetuate it across the entire length of someone's life, and force them in to paying their lives to you?

ADD\ADHD - What a joke. Are you fucking kidding me? Everyone loses their train of thought. So the little shits are hyper and don't pay attention. How about not feeding them so much sugar, and introducing them to things they are actually interested in. I recall in the 9th grade, my uncle got me on some generic form of Ritalin. It somehow made me feel unworthy of living, and stopped taking it after 3 days. Stop medicating our children. Please.

Autism - Many have heard the theory that certain vaccines cause autism. I can see it as a plausible argument. Some of these vaccines we are injecting our children with contain mercury, animal cells, and other questionable elements. What if autism is a step forward or backward in evolution? What if we actually had no hand in it at all?

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What if we introduced herbalism and natural elements in to our educational curriculum? It sounds like a good idea, but as we progress in technology, we seem to be withdrawing from nature. We have long forgotten our natural secrets to natural healing. Now we just temporarily mask the problem with drugs. Temporary solutions to  permanent problems.

**ATTN: - It is advisable to the reader to seek out natural remedies and methods. One may begin with reading an herbal (book of known herbs, plants & their medicinal uses).. **

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  1. ADD/ADHD - You hit the nail on the head with your comment. I've talked to several friends who were forced to take the stuff (Ritalin) as kids and they absolutely hated it and refused to take it.

    AIDS drugs are toxic and no one knows the long term effects, because they haven't tested them long enough to know the long term effects. For all they know the stuff that is "keeping them alive" will be killing them in a few years.

    The list of side effects for most pharmaceutical drugs is absolutely staggering.

    You are correct in saying that they will do "anything to make a $" That includes giving false hope. Herbalism is the answer, but, they can't make a buck off of herbalism, so they
    concoct synthetic drugs which will "get rid of us faster." This statement may sound a bit overboard, until you watch one of your friends die from the side effects of toxic medicines.

    Will the government begin shutting down health food stores because "alternative medicines" are cutting into their profits???? ANYTHING is possible in this day and age.