Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A look at Forces - Good & Evil

The universe, by nature is a very hostile, destructive place. Huge meteors leaving minuscule craters on gas giants, dying stars, supernovae, nebulae composed of extremely hot gases...not to mention all the black holes & super massive black holes which gobble up everything that enters their gravitational influence, including light itself.

By contrast, the universe is equally creative. One of the laws of the universe\nature states nothing is ever wasted. Through the destruction of one thing, more things can be created out of this destruction. It would be unwise to say the universe is either good or evil. The universe does not care about our petty judgments & labels we apply to everything. Nature just is, and things go on creating & destroying.

Let us say that one day our planet is hit with deadly gamma rays from a distant pulsar (a rapidly spinning star with intense emissions radiating from its poles). This radiation ends up killing 75% of all life on Earth, radically changes the way ecosystems function, and many species of animal are now extinct. Would one call this an evil deed? Probably not, seeing as it was a totally natural thing that just happened.

Now let us say the day comes (and hopefully not, for obvious reasons!), when the next 'Hitler' type figure succeeds in accomplishing these very things. One would most likely place the 'Evil' stamp. Nobody believes they are the bad guy. I'm not saying Hitler was not evil, it's that the good guys believe they are just, and the bad guys believe they are also the good guys. This paradoxical way of thinking has led to all kinds of conflict throughout human history.

The truth is, there is no such thing as good & evil, right & wrong. They are CONCEPTS, not truth! The concept of good & evil did not exist until us humans started labeling things. We choose to follow what suits us best, and in the eyes of some, our intentions are noble...in the eyes of others, they are not, and we apply our labels accordingly. In reality though, none of that exists. It's just a label we apply to things that make us feel good and bad. It's a terminology that helps us guide our lives.

One can say with this in mind, that without good, there is no evil. How can something be good without its evil counterpart? There can not JUST be good. If this was the case, the proper term for it would be 'It just is'. The concept does not apply to this situation.
This article relates directly to the illusion of duality (Pending report).

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