Sunday, May 8, 2011

A look at the Earth - Garden World Paradise

-The Earth
Home world of the Human race
Population: 6.9 billion (as of 5/11)
Circumference: 40,000 km
Mass: 5.97 x 10^24 kg
Surface area: 510,072,000 km2
Axial tilt: 23.5º
Temp: -50º F to 120º F (varies)

At the time of this writing, Earth is home to the Human race. It is our home world on which (as far as we know) we originated from. Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, and life appeared some billion years later. We are the 3rd planet from the sun, and the 5th largest planet in our solar system. Earth is home to millions upon millions of species of animals, insects, and plant life. The planet surface consists of water (approx. 71% of the surface), and 6 major landmasses (we call continents).

Most of you alien beings residing or visiting here have probably noticed the profound abundance of life and beauty that embraces this blue marble sailing the cosmos. This is a Garden World, a place of perpetual, cyclic paradise manifesting in innumerable forms. If you are a species incapable of perceiving beauty, you should really leave here. Us humans have done enough damage as it is, we don't need any extra help in that respect.

We are a very....VERY confused, angry species. We have the capacity to live in harmony with the universe, but we are plagued by various psychological ailments. The good news in this is that these ailments are not natural to us, meaning that we create the symptoms due to the state of world affairs, at this current point in space & time. The bad news in this is that the general population of the world (particularly in the continent\country known as North America) are so far gone in their egos and material lifestyles (a few of the ailments), that there is no helping us. We may be too far beyond repair. At least the Earth will remain when and if we finally blow each other up.

Upon arriving on this world, I can logically deduce nobody knows you're here. And that is good, you really don't want to start a world incident. Humans like drama and to start shit. See, people like me would try to commune and learn from your kind. We are the ones you should seek out. We are what you would consider the "REAL" World Leaders. Our military would probably be hostile towards your kind. I can also logically deduce your species is technically more advanced than us (we have a hard time just getting to the moon).

So all of you new arrivals, don't make the mistake of assuming we recognize the fact we are all one species and life force, because we do not. Omniscience is not at the top of our "To-Do List".
**RE: Our species can be likened to the analogy of a prepubescent child with a major chip on the shoulder. **

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